Harmony – European Spa Experience
Enjoy a relaxing, gentle European body therapy with intensive care products specially tailored to your needs. It soothes your nerves – emotions - muscles, while gently relieving deep seated stress. Allow the deep, penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones melt the tension away. Your body will feel rested and your mind at ease after a pampering Harmony experience.
Techniques: Swedish massage, Aromatherapy & Hot stone therapy
Products used: Balancing or Relaxing Lavender and Geranium oils
Teas Green Tea or Chamomile
Ceremony: Body mist
90 minutes (includes Hot stone therapy)
60 minutes (excludes Hot stone therapy)
ChiLax – Spa Fusion from the Far East
Enjoy this deep form of massage, an art form based on ancient traditions of Far East. The therapist uses positive force on pressure points, muscles and ligaments. Experience a variety of massage techniques: gentle stretches and deep massage strokes stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and Qi energy around your body. These movements also warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots". This deeply restorative treatment is good for tight, stressed and aching muscles, caused by heavy exercise or too many hours spent sitting at your desk.
Techniques: Thai massage, Thai Compresses, Balinese massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology
Products used: Stimulating Ginger / Lemongrass / Pepper aromatic oils
Tea: Green Tea
Ceremonies: Body mist
90 minutes (includes Body massage & warm Thai compress)
60 minutes (excludes warm Thai compress)
Hammam – A journey through Arabia
A traditional Mid-Eastern method exfoliation and cleansing - between the warm steam sessions, this Rasul experience consists of the traditional vigorous “Loofah” body scrubbing, deep cleansing with the traditional black soap, and a light massage and various stretching movements in the heart of our rain room. A complete and vigorous body cleanse with the use of a traditional loofah glove to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Relaxed on marble slab, an expert masseur attends to rejuvenating the skin and invigorating tired muscles. Care is taken over every inch of the body, leaving the guest, in fact, with a new skin and every last drop of tension washed out.
Techniques: Turkish & Moroccan Hammam – Scrub, Black Soap Cleansing, Steam, Massage
Products used: Salt, Olive oil, Moroccan Black soap
Tea: Chai
Ceremonies: Fumigation with Oudh
90 minutes (includes Scrub, Cleansing Ritual and Body Massage)
60 minutes (includes Scrub and Cleansing Ritual)
Mantra – A Spa mantra from the Himalayas
This made in India massage therapy works to open blocked energy channels, enhance circulation, relieve tensions, and promote detoxification. Dates back to 5,000 years in India, this life transforming treatment, encourage balance and harmony. Downy stream of aromatic herbal oils on your crown chakra melts away your stress hormones.
Techniques: Ayurvedic, Yoga, Energy Healing, Sirodhara
Products used: Aromatic Herbal oils, sandalwood paste,
Teas: Lemon Ginger with Honey
Ceremonies: Arathi with camphor
90 minutes (includes Body Massage and Sirodhara)
60 minutes (excludes Sirodhara)
Sundari Exfoliate – Peel as an Orange
Gentle and deep-cleansing, Orange’s Body polish uses natural jojoba granules or Salt Mango Mousse to activate the blood circulation without harming the fine capillaries, leaving skin soft, silky and smooth. Firming and brightening, body wrap with Mango, Passion Fruit or Moor Mud counteracts aging, evens skin tone, and delivers invigorating and toning benefits. The skin emerges revived, refreshed, smoother, firmer, and vividly brighter.
Techniques: Body Scrub, Massage therapy, Body Wrap
Products used: Silky Skin Body Scrub, Mango Salt Mousse, Mango, Passion Fruit, Moor Mud
Teas: Lemon Ginger with Honey
Ceremonies: Body Mist
90 minutes (includes Body Wrap)
60 minutes (excludes Body Wrap)
Shape N – Figure and Fit
The ultimate answer to effectively treat cellulite. Slim and tone your body with this cutting-edge treatment. Orange’s lymphatic drainage, scrubs, wraps, and detox teas stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat and transform it into energy, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. 100% natural ingredients burn the fat; smoothen and enhance the skin’s overall texture thus visibly reducing spongy, dimply, cellulite areas.
Techniques: Lymphatic drainage, Scrub & Wrap, Detox teas
Products used: Herbal powders, Green coffee powder & concentrate
Teas: Slimming tea
Special Features: Cardio Exercise, Diet chart
Duration: 60 minutes 
Orange Radiance – Tailor-made Facials
Luminous “C” & “SEA” Facial Mask Treatment: Designed to promote change in your skin and to reduce the signs of sun damage and aging, this facial will hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin with its vitamin enriched, anti-oxidant formulation.
Caviar Facial for Him & Her: This amazing treatment revitalizes, hydrates, and firms the skin through a synergistic blend of rich botanicals. Vegetable extracts, crushed pearls, and marine caviar are layered together for deep penetration, resulting in a firmer, youthful, glow. 
Orange Express
Have little time? You still have time to get pampered with Orange therapies. Unwind and relax your feet / face / scalp or neck & shoulder. Choose your favorite style of therapy – pampering massage, foot reflexology, facial or body polish. 
Leg & Feet massage
Scalp massage
Neck & Shoulder massage
Face massage
Mini - Facial
Duration: 60 minutes